NEWS The 2023 summer season starts on 5 April!

House Rules

1. The courts are available during the following times: on the weekdays between 6am and 10pm and on the weekend 8am and 8pm.

2. Everyone uses the court at one’s own risk.

3. Courts may only be used if you payed.

4. Please pay the occasional fee after the game.

5. Reservation and cancel is possible on the phone.

6. If you have a season booking you are allowed to cancel your reservation. It must be cancel your appointment before one day. Failure to cancel unused court reservations may result in loss of reservation privileges.

7. If you canceled your booking in time, you can reserve another time.

8. The pre-paid tennis courts are permitted to use in a particular season.

9. If it is raining and you can not play on the tennis court, you can play another time when we have a free tennis court. You can play only at the same season.

10. The operator will decided the tennis court is also suitable for playing.

11. The game starts on the hours and finishes 55 minutes. Please sweep the court in the last five minutes.

12. When the tennis court needs watering please sprinkle it!

13. Suitable sport footwear and clothing must be worn in order to protect the quality of court.

14. No smoking is permitted on or near the courts.

15. Care should be taken of personal items.

16. Please use the courts sensibly. Any damage or deterioration must be paied.

17. Please attend to the clean of tennis court and environment.

Have a good sport, and a lot of sunshine,

Csaba Balog /operator/